Fix QuickBooks Error 6190 with Assured Solutions

“Are you facing trouble opening your company file due to QuickBooks Error 6190? No need to worry, this article will provide all the answers you need!

QuickBooks is an indispensable tool for managing business accounting, but like any software, it can sometimes encounter errors. Error 6190 816 is one such error that affects the company file in QuickBooks.

This error can occur when the company file or the network is damaged. If you see the error message “QuickBooks is Unable to Open this Company File Error Codes: (-6190, -816),” don’t panic! Just follow along with the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article for a solution.”

What is QuickBooks Error message 6190?

The QuickBooks Desktop Error 6190 and 816 can be a frustrating experience for users trying to work in multi-user mode. The error occurs when QuickBooks is unable to connect with the company file located on the server in the network. This is often caused by one or more users running QuickBooks Desktop in Multi-User Mode on their own computers instead of just on the server. The error message displayed on the screen reads:

Reasons For Error Code 6190 in QuickBooks

  • Network connectivity problems: If the company file is located on a network and you are experiencing connectivity issues, you may see this error.
  • File corruption: The company file may be damaged or corrupt, which can cause this error to appear.
  • Conflicts with other software: If you are using other software on your computer that is incompatible with QuickBooks, it can cause this error to occur.
  • Outdated software: If you are using an older version of QuickBooks, it may not be compatible with the company file you are trying to open.
  • Incorrect file permissions: If you do not have the correct permissions to access the company file, you may see this error.
  • Other issues: There may be other factors that can cause this error to occur, such as hardware problems or conflicts with the operating system.

Signs of Error code 6190 in QuickBooks Desktop

There are a few signs that you may be experiencing QuickBooks Error 6190:

  • You see the error message “QuickBooks was unable to open the file [filename] on the host computer” when you try to open a company file.
  • You are unable to access or work with your company file.
  • You may see other error messages or problems when trying to use QuickBooks.

Troubleshooting steps for QuickBooks Error Code (-6190, -816)

#1: Disable multi-user access in QBDT

  • Make sure to run the QuickBooks and the company file in admin mode only.
  • Next, go to the file menu and then utilities.
  • From the drop-down hit the ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access’ option and then create a backup of your company file or current work.
  • Move to the next set of solutions and use File Doctor and Tool Hub to eliminate QuickBooks Error 6190.

#2: Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool and repair Error 6190 in QuickBooks

  • If you happen to use QuickBooks Desktop 2019 or later, click on the help tab and select QB tool hub.
  • If you are currently using an older version of QuickBooks Desktop then find the tool hub on the official website of Intuit.
  • Next, download and save the Tool Hub installation file named “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” from where you can access it quickly after the download is complete.
  • Run the installer file, agree to the license and terms, then complete the installation process.
  • You can now choose the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool from the company file issues tab in Tool Hub’s Interface.
  • Select all the files that are troubling you, and QuickBooks File Doctor will automatically repair all the damaged files.

#3: Run Quick Fix My Program Tool from the Tool Hub

  • Run the QuickiBooksToolHub.exe file, if you have accidentally closed the program.
  • Else you can switch to the program problems tab and from here run Quick Fix My Program.
  • It will go through all the important files of the software and fix them for you, next it will refresh the software.
  • Now open the company file and start working on it and check if you are still receiving QuickBooks Error message 6190 or not.

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#4: Rename .ND and .TLG files to remove QuickBooks Error 6190

If you have not done it yet then make sure to update your QuickBooks to the latest release.

  • Close QuickBooks if you are running it currently, Locate your company file and open that folder.
  • Find the files that have the same name as your company file, and check the extension, it should be .ND and .TLG:
    • company_file.qbw.nd
    • company_file.qbw.tlg
  • Rename these files, Add the word OLD at the end of each file name. Ex: company_file.qbw.nd.OLD.
  • Open QuickBooks again and check if you are still getting the problem code or not.

#5: Use QB Refresher Tool

  • Visit the Intuit website and download the QuickBooksRefresher tool.
  • Save the downloaded file to a location on your computer where you can easily access it.
  • Close all open programs, including QuickBooks.
  • Double-click the QuickBooksRefresher tool to start the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the QuickBooksRefresher tool.
  • Click the “Scan” button to start the scan process.
  • Wait for the scan to complete, which may take a few minutes.
  • If any issues are found, the tool will list them and give you the option to fix them.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve any issues found.
  • Once the issues are resolved, restart your computer and then try opening QuickBooks again.
  • If the error still persists, you may need to seek additional assistance from QuickBooks support.

#6: Make a new user in windows and fix QuickBooks Error 6190

  • Open the Control Panel and now Click on User Accounts and Family Safety.
  • Choose User Accounts and next click on the followings: Manage Another Account >> Add a New User.
  • Select the desired user’s name and choose whether you want to add this user as a Standard user or an Administrator user.
  • Choose a strong password and fill it in the password section.
  • Click on create an account and now switch to this user account, run QuickBooks, and check if you are still getting the QuickBooks Error code 6190 or not.

#7: Update QuickBooks to the recent version and check if it fixes company file issues

  • Take a backup of your work and the company file also.
  • Close QuickBooks and move to the QuickBooks Update Service webpage.
  • Next, Download and run the update.
  • Follow all the instructions displayed and complete the installation.
  • Verify if the update was successful or not and check if you have fixed the QuickBooks message code 6190 or not.

Winding Up

If you are interested in getting help with QuickBooks Error 6190, consider reaching out to us at +1-888-704-1357. Our team of certified QuickBooks Data Services professionals has the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot and resolve a wide range of QuickBooks issues. We can help you get your QuickBooks back up and running smoothly so you can get back to business as usual.

What does QuickBooks Error 6190 816 mean?

QuickBooks Error 6190 816 occurs when a user tries to access a company file on a different computer or network and is unable to do so due to an error.

How do I fix QuickBooks Error 6190 816?

You can try checking network connectivity, disabling firewall or antivirus, setting up QuickBooks in multi-user mode, or repairing or restoring the company file to resolve QuickBooks Error 6190 816.

Can QuickBooks Error 6190 816 be resolved on my own?

Yes, you can resolve QuickBooks Error 6190 816 on your own by following the solutions provided in this article.


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