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Accounting services are essential for a business to manage costs, savings, payroll, working capital, taxes, and much more.

Real Estate

In today’s competitive real estate market, having a respected accounting service provider on your side is no longer a luxury but rather a must. QB Data Service provides world-class real estate accounting services that are designed to reduce operating expenses, increase cash flow, and boost profitability during market swings.


If your logistics company needs reliable accounting and bookkeeping services so you can get back to what you do best, look no further than QB Data Service. Companies in the logistics sector are feeling the effects of increased capital expenditure and fuel costs directly at a time when they are trying to plan for future expansion in the face of intense competition.


Worldwide, the healthcare sector ranks high among the most lucrative and populous enterprises. It’s no secret that citizens rely heavily on their nation’s healthcare system. Accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and similar sectors are equally problematic in the healthcare industry.


We handle all payments for production expenses and offer regular updates to keep your project on pace and within budget. If a production accountant handles your budget, you can increase your chances of receiving funding and the Producer Balance.

Tech Industry

In terms of money, the tech business has its own unique set of needs and problems. At the same time that you have to take care of taxes, bookkeeping, and other administrative tasks, you’re also coming up with new products and planning for the future. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from our technology-focused CPAs on pressing issues including revenue recognition, capital structure complexity, and intangible assets.


Because it is one of the largest public accounting firms in the United States, QB Data Service is the firm where most attorneys and law firms choose to work. We offer the kind of proactive personal attention and engaged teamwork typical of smaller organizations, in addition to the breadth of services, talents, and resources characteristic of larger businesses. In addition, we serve the legal needs of clients from other states and countries.

Accounting Services For FMCG

The time has come for firms to outsource their financial processes. Because of its convenient location, low costs, and high-quality human and material resources, the United States has been a global leader in outsourcing for many years. The services provided by QBDataService are reasonably priced, making us a feasible option for outsourcing your operations.

Accounting Service For NGOs

An NGO is a group whose primary purpose is not financial gain but social good. Accounting for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is a system for keeping track of and reporting an organization’s financial activities and choosing the best accounting system, being aware of and able to meet one’s tax and regulatory duties, and creating and reporting accurate financial statements are all part of this process.