Why Did QuickBooks Restore Failed? Latest Gen Guide

QuickBooks is an excellent Accounting suite which is the first choice for small and medium-sized business owners due to its advanced and prolific features. However, QuickBooks Restore failure/failed is a serious concern because it will restrain you from accessing your own data. Therefore, In this article, QB experts have shared insights about unable to restore backup file in QuickBooks.

Reasons that cause QuickBooks 2021,22,23 Restore failed

  • QBB File may have forbidden characters. i.e: (@#$!*&!*#^%!).
  • In Multi-user mode, you may end up with QuickBooks unable to restore backup file.
  • You are not using .QBB File to restore data.
  • The Backup file is stored in the flash drive also prone to cause QuickBooks Restore failed problem.
  • Maybe you don’t have the right to write data on certain directories.
  • Backup file data has a compatibility issue with your QuickBooks 2021/ 2022 /2023.

Things should do before you troubleshoot QuickBooks Restore failed

  • Make a copy of your backup and company file and paste it into a different directory.
  • Do not perform rebuild data more than twice.
  • Update your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Update your Windows and Mac.
  • If there are any symptoms of corruption in the company file, So please don’t carry out the below-listed solution steps.

Techniques to Resolve QuickBooks won’t restore backup/QBB file

1st Method: Remove the Special Characters from the file name to fix QuickBooks Restore Failed

The first method is to confirm that the name of your backup file name should not contain any special characters. Perform the following steps to remove special from (.QBB) file name:

  • Go to the folder where you have kept your QuickBooks back file.
  • Select the file and either you can choose the keyboard shortcut key “F2” or Press the mouse to right-click and then press the Left mouse button to select rename option.
  • The next step is to delete any special characters from the file’s name and then press the “Enter” key to save it.
  • Once finished, check whether you can restore the backup or not.

2nd Method: Restore the backup company file from the PD

Do you know “how to restore company files from a flash drive“? It is simple to make a backup and then restore the QuickBooks company files. All of the company’s data is preserved in a backup file that is accessible. The data in this company file will be available up until the creation date of the backup. You should restore the most recent file.

The backup can be made via a network folder, CD, local hard disk, flash drive, pen drive, etc. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the system because you can easily recover your data using even a basic flash drive.

3rd Method: Using a Flash Drive to Restore QuickBooks

You can restore your QuickBooks backup files if you follow the methods provided down below and you must utilize the restoration process to get the data back into your QuickBooks because the backup copies are compressed. You should avoid using the Copy command in Microsoft Windows.

  • You must utilize external storage, such as a flash drive if the backup file is not on the system’s hard drive or in the network folder.
  • Go to the file in QuickBooks after opening it.
  • To launch the restore wizard on your system, select the Open or Restore Company option.
  • Click Next after selecting the Restore a backup copy (.qbb) option.
  • Select Local backup, then click Next.
  • You’ll get a new prompt asking you to launch Backup Copy.
  • Navigate to the location where the whole backup file is kept on the system using the Look drop-down option. The files in this folder will all have the.qbb extension.
  • Open the backup file on your computer by going there and pressing Open, followed by Next.
  • Choose the location where you wish to restore the backup files by clicking the Save option.
  • Select the backup files, then click Save.
  • On your system, you’ll receive a lot of prompt notifications. React to them appropriately.

4th Method: Do not overwrite an existing file when you restore the backup

  • Navigate to your default location for saving files when the popup was asking you where to save your data file.
  • Select the “No” option when you see the warning message⚠ “The file name exists: Do you want to replace this file?” while saving the file.
  • As the last step, you need to pick a distinct file name from the one it currently has.

5th Method: Restore the same file that was created from your version of QuickBooks

A QBB file formed in an earlier version of QuickBooks Desktop can be restored to a more recent version of the software, but its opposite will result in an error “QuickBooks Restore failed”. In order to avoid version incompatibilities, be careful when restoring data from a backup.

6th Method: Fix the corrupted QuickBooks company file

Your data file is likely to damage just like any other file in Windows. In this situation, you can use QuickBooks Desktop’s built-in Rebuild Data function to repair data corruption on your company file.

  • First, select Utilities from the File menu. You must then choose the Rebuild Data option.
  • On the QuickBooks Information window, click OK to continue.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to save the file backup.
  • Allow the program to fix your file. You should be aware that depending on the size of your file, it can take some time. Even if QuickBooks appears to be frozen, the tool is still functional as long as you can move the mouse.
  • Click OK when the repair process is complete by the tool.
  • Once more, go to the File menu and select Utilities. Select the option to verify data next.
  • Let the tool check your file one last time for data problems.
  • Click OK if QuickBooks doesn’t discover any issues with your company file. Your corporate file has no data harm, therefore you can keep utilizing it. Select Rebuild Now if the problem yet continues.

7th Method: Use another copy of the backup to restore

QuickBooks creates a new company file from the backup company file (.qbb) when you attempt to restore your company file (.qbw).

Important: Be careful to move your company file to your local hard disk before continuing with the procedures below to fix the QuickBooks backup failed issue.

Additionally, you can carry out the following actions:

  • Open QuickBooks and select the File option from the menu. Click the Open or Restore Company option from there.
  • Select Restore a backup copy from the menu now, then click Next.
  • Select Local Backup next, and then click Next.
  • You also need to search your computer for the backup business file. You would see it as follows: [Your business name]. qbb.
  • Make sure to choose a folder to save your recovered company file. After that, select Open.
  • You should be aware that you run the risk of overwriting your data if you open the backup in the same folder as your current company file.

You can attempt to change your current company file or the backup so the names are distinct in order to prevent overwriting anything. You could also try to save the backup in a whole other folder.

Click Save once you are prepared with your backup company file. Choose the option that best suits your needs if a notification warns you about the potential for overwriting your data. Be careful not to overwrite anything unless you are certain that you want to.


The above seven methods are prevailing to assist the user in fixing “QuickBooks unable to restore backup files, and we expect users can now restore backup files seamlessly. However, If results don’t come up as expected, there might be chances of data damage, and I would recommend to the QuickBooks Data Services team at +1-888-704-1357.

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