QuickBooks error the file exists – What to Do?

Working with QuickBooks desktop is usually a superb experience, which is why Accountants and business owners prefer to use QuickBooks instead of any other application. However, As we know, nothing is perfect, and This statement is perfect for QuickBooks when users encounter a \”QuickBooks Error message The File exists\” or \”QuickBooks The File you Specified cannot be Opened\”. The purpose of the subsequent post is to help the user fix QuickBooks File exists error.

What are the reasons for QuickBooks Error the File exists?

There are so many reasons that bring in upfront Error \” QuickBooks The File you Specified cannot be Opened\”. But we have listed down more prevalent ones.

  • You\’re probably using QuickBooks with a Non-Administrator user account.
  • QuickBooks program files are damaged, preventing QuickBooks from downloading and installing the new update.
  • An unsupported QuickBooks version may also bring into the limelight a QuickBooks the file exists error.
  • UAC(User Account Control) is set to \”Always notify.\”
  • Inappropriate Firewall and security settings.

Troubleshooting steps for QuickBooks The File you specified cannot be opened

Here in the troubleshooting section, we have added multiple troubleshooting steps to overcome QuickBooks Error the file exists the problem, and If you\’re intrigued to know which one method is best, So please follow the steps mentioned in the order we explained.

First Step: Run QuickBooks As an Administrator

  • Go to the Windows Desktop.
  • In Desktop, Select the QuickBooks Desktop icon by pressing RMB.
  • Next, Press LMB on the \”Run as an Administrator\” option.
  • Next, Perform the Payroll Update.
    • Choose the Employees option and click on Get Payroll Latest Update.
    • Select all the checkboxes.
    • Later, Click on The Download Latest Payroll Update.
  • Next, Open your QuickBooks Desktop as a regular user.

Second Step: Modify Windows Security Settings

  • Open the QuickBooks Program Directory.
    • For 64 Bit: C:\\program files x86\\intuit\\quickbooks (year)
    • For 32 Bit: C:\\program files\\intuit\\quickbooks (year)
  • Select QBW32.exe and Press \”Ctrl + Enter\” to open the selected item properties window.
  • In Properties, Click on the security tab.
  • Next, the Edit option.
  • Click On Add.
  • Later, Type For \”Everyone\” and Click on the Ok.
  • Click on Allow next to Full control and then Click on Apply.
  • Do the same thing for the user\’s profile.


The solutions steps we have explained above are quite prevalent to overcome QuickBooks Error the File Exists. However, If any doubts and queries come in your mind, So feel free to move ahead and Reach out our QuickBooks Data Services experts get assistance. To Contact our experts, Please Call at +1-888-704-1357.


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