Intuit Introduces Its First AI-Powered Digital Assistant: Intuit Assist

Intuit, a leading force in American financial and accounting software, recently took the wraps off its pioneering customer-centric, AI-driven solution, named Intuit Assist. This state-of-the-art digital assistant is crafted to offer invaluable assistance to consumers and small businesses.

Here’s an overview of Intuit Assist:

Integrated Across the Intuit Ecosystem

Intuit Assist has been seamlessly integrated into a suite of Intuit’s flagship products including TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp. Regardless of the platform, the assistant maintains a consistent user interface. Its primary aim? To deliver tailored suggestions to Intuit’s global user base, which includes over 100 million small business owners and individual consumers.

Human Support When Necessary

In scenarios where the AI can’t solve the issue at hand, Intuit Assist connects users to human experts via Intuit’s live platform.

The Power Behind the Assistant: GenOS

The magic behind Intuit Assist is GenOS – Intuit’s proprietary operating system, built on generative AI technology. This platform was designed to make it easier for developers within the company to embed AI functionalities throughout Intuit’s diverse product line.

Tailored Recommendations Across Products

  • TurboTax: Intuit Assist harnesses Intuit’s deep knowledge in the tax realm, combined with an AI-driven Tax Knowledge Engine, to guide users through the intricate maze of tax codes. Users are presented with bespoke tax checklists and advice derived from the data they provide.
  • Credit Karma: The digital assistant aids users by delivering specific, data-driven financial advice and recommendations.
  • QuickBooks: Small businesses can expect Intuit Assist to spotlight vital business metrics like cash flow patterns, best-selling products, and unusual expenditures. Moreover, newcomers to QuickBooks receive guidance on platform onboarding, with the assistant helping in data import for profile personalization. Additionally, businesses can utilize the assistant for generating customizable invoice reminders.
  • Mailchimp: Those using Mailchimp for email campaigns can lean on Intuit Assist for crafting campaigns that truly resonate with their brand’s voice and objectives. The assistant simplifies the editing process and also aids in planning marketing activities. Plus, it can auto-generate draft email content sourced from QuickBooks product and service data.

GenOS: The Brain Behind The Operation

Diving deeper into GenOS, it comprises four primary components:

  1. GenStudio: This is used to engage with extensive language models.
  2. GenRuntime: Facilitates automated coordination.
  3. GenUX: Ensures user-centric applications are interactive and user flows are aligned with extensive language models.
  4. Language Models: This segment includes both third-party models as well as models developed in-house at Intuit.

Intuit’s commitment to embracing AI is evident in its strategic moves and investments. With their AI-driven technologies handling over 810 million customer interactions annually, the company’s dedication to leveraging AI for customer benefit is clear.

However, it’s also essential to mention the challenges tied to the deployment of generative AI, especially regarding data privacy and AI-generated misinformation. Intuit addresses these concerns with a set of stringent principles and a dedicated AI governance team, ensuring transparency, security, and privacy in their AI operations.

Rollout Details

As of now, Intuit Assist’s TurboTax version is available to users, with enhanced features lined up for the 2023 tax season. The assistant is undergoing a phased rollout, with selected Credit Karma members in the U.S. gaining access. A more comprehensive rollout for QuickBooks U.S. users and a select group of Mailchimp customers is in the pipeline.

In conclusion, Intuit’s CEO Sasan Goodarzi aptly encapsulates the company’s vision: “By harnessing our deep reservoir of data and years of AI and GenAI investment, we’re redefining the boundaries of customer experiences with AI.”


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